Why should you check yourself?

Testicular self-examinations are important to notice changes in your testicles. By getting into the habit of doing a regular monthly self-examination in the shower or bath, you should become familiar with your testicles therefore making it easier to notice any future changes. Most testicular abnormalities are found by men themselves or their partner, very few are found by a doctor. This is why it is so important to be familiar with what is normal and if you do notice any changes then see a doctor immediately.

How to check yourself?

  • The best time to check is during a warm bath or shower when the skin is soft
  • Move the penis to the opposite side with your other hand then feel the size & weight of your testicles, examining each one individually
  • Roll each testicle between the thumb & forefinger to check that the surface is free from lumps and bumps. Do not squeeze
  • If you find a lump, swelling or pain book an appointment to visit your GP as soon as possible - Do not panic just get it checked out by a professional - remember not all lumps are cancerous

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