What is HappySacsNFT?

HappySacs NFT’S are a charity focussed collection of 2222 original, one-of-a-kind, hand-drawn testicle NFT's. The concept and designs were thought up by three school friends with a passion for charity work. 50% of the profits will be split between our two chosen testicular cancer charities. 

What is our mission?

Our mission is to be the NFT collection that gives back, with 50% of our profits going directly to Testicular Cancer charities. Not only do we want to raise money, we want to raise awareness of a common type of cancer in men aged between 15-49.

What is an NFT?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique digital asset that represents ownership of real-world items like art, video clips, music, and more. NFTs use the same blockchain technology that powers cryptocurrencies, but they're not a currency.

What is the difference between fungible vs non-fungible?

Fungible assets are divisible and non-unique. For instance, traditional currencies like the pound are fungible: A £10 note in London has the same value as a £10 note in Newcastle. A fungible token can also be a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin: 1 BTC is worth 1 BTC, no matter where it is issued.

Non-fungible assets, on the other hand, are unique and non-divisible. They should be considered as a type of deed or title of ownership of a unique, non-replicable item. For example, a flight ticket is non-fungible because there cannot be another of the same kind due to its specific data. A house, a boat or an NFT are non-fungible because they are one-of-a-kind.

How much does it cost to mint a Happy Sac NFT?

PreSale: 222 Free HappySacs NFTs given to early community adopters, discord and giveaway rewards

To claim your free NFT please comment in the discord channel here

Main Sale : 0.25 SOL / ~$21 as of 16/03/2022 (Minting will be open on 31/03/2022 at 7:30PM UTC)

Remember 50% of profit from sales goes directly to charity

10% of the total minted NFT's will be donated to the community, charities involved and competition winners.

When will the NFT's be available to buy?

The exact date has not yet been decided but it is likely to be March, the month before Testicular Cancer Awareness Month. Ensure you have added your Solana wallet address to the discord link to ensure you claim one of the first free 222 NFT's that will be minted.

What wallets are supported?

The wallet must support Solana NFT's, we recommend Phantom or Solflare.